About Us

Fort Zeller is a long standing landmark of Lebanon County and a symbol for the families that can trace their roots back to when their ancestors first arrived in this country.  Over time, the farm on which the Fort stands has been in and out of the Zeller Family.  Most recently, Alvin Zeller had purchased the farm bringing it back to his family who can trace back his linage back to the original builders.


Eugene Hoffman married Sylvia Zeller who together continue to maintain the property as a showcase for all to see.  People continue to come from all over the world and all walks of life to marvel at the well maintained property.  Gene and Sylvia enjoy sharing their love of the history and knowledge of the area with all who visit.



Sylvia L Hoffman


Email: gsylhoff@bellatlantic.com

Phone: 717-272-0662


Sylvia is the current owner of Fort Zeller Farm.  She is the daughter of Alvin K Zeller.  Alvin was the previous owner of the property and a long standing officer of the Zeller Family Association.

Eugene Hoffman


Gene was very active with the Zeller reunion and maintained Fort Zeller as a hobby. He passed away in 2012. He and Sylvia owned Fort Zeller Farm since the 1960s.